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Love Pizza? You could eat it every day if you had bought in.


I love Pizza, particularly Domino’s. It is one of my guilty pleasures, usually when my wife is out, to order Pizza delivery as the boys love it as well. However, they are expensive. A large pepperoni is £18.00, and once I have got all the extras for the boys I don’t get much change from £30!

I could nip out to Tesco and get some Dr Oetker (also delicious) for a lot less, but I don’t, and neither do millions of us around the world.

Thing is, the guys who started this knew we would be happy to part with our cash for yummy food with no effort, and my sermon today is a retrospective “if only I had done that” story.

You see, sometimes a business comes along which, unexpectedly perhaps, grows and grows without anyone really noticing. I have know about Domino’s for years, can’t remember my first one but was probably at least 20+ years ago.

And if I had INVESTED in Domino’s as little as six and a half years ago, I would be in a much better financial position that I am right now. But I didn’t even know about investing then, let alone how well this particualr business might have done. Let’s look at the numbers shall we?

If I had bought just £1,000 worth of shares on the first trading day of 2010 (Jan 4th) and sold them yesterday (22nd August 2016) I would have made over 1620% return…..!

My £1,000 would now be a handsome £17,200. You can do the maths to work out if one had invested more….

Seriously, which bank (or other retail investment) would have given you a return like that! I had some money in an ISA at that point (2010) and was getting a measly 3%. It’s worse now. I still can’t believe that people think investing in stocks is a bad idea! Here’s the chart for the geeks to admire –

DPZ chart

I have no idea if this is the end even, it was a bit further up today but who knows?

The point I am making here is that if you can spot a business which seems to be getting it right, has potential to grow and is realively cheap to buy (it was around $10 a share in 2010) never mind being a Dragon in the Den, just invest yourself in one of these great business opportunities and literally sit back and let the money roll in. Add dividends to this and the score is even higher.

Oh, if only we had known. But, now I do know about these things. No, it’s not easy to spot the winners every time, and you can’t predict the future, but with a proper strategy in place, this has to be a great way to get free Pizza doesn’t it?

Off for a healthy dinner now….

Love as ever,


Chris K