Ok, so I now become a “Blogger”. Odd, as I’ve never read anyone else’s blogs but what I want to do is not appropriate for Facebook as that’s about friends, though I would be happy for my “Friends” to read this as well.

No, this is about my two personal passions so I can happily go on and on about them without bothering those who aren’t really that interested. And what are these passions I hear you ask? Well, one should be pretty obvious to anyone who knows me as that is Music. I studied music at the Guildhall in London and spend most of my time currently playing, teaching, writing or examining music.

The other “passion” is really quite new. I have only been thinking about this since late December 2013 and before this time I had only heard about it but had never known anything about it, certainly never imagined I would get involved in it and could not have predicted how fascinating and enjoyable I would have found it! It is, and the blog title does I suppose hint at this……Financial Trading.

Yes, that’s right, I trade the global financial markets pretty much every day. Sounds grand doesn’t it. Well, it kind of is, and it isn’t. I don’t have the kind of funds to invest that the big banks do so my profits/losses are currently insignificant in the grand scale of things but I am still a part of it and can see the sense it taking control of your own finances (I no longer pay into a pension fund) and if things continue the way they have been going, maybe one day I will be earning life changing sums of money from this.

So, I will keep this “first post” brief and let you know my thoughts on how I intend to continue with this. I will be creating two running themes in my blogs, one about all the things which I love about all my experiences in music – favourite “tunes”, comments on teaching and examining, tales about my own performing experiences and mostly my fascination with the development of music over the last 50 odd years.

My second, and likely to be more frequent (sorry but this is so much more interesting to me at the moment) theme will of course be about my trading experiences. I will probably comment on my own positions, how and why I do certain things and my personal takes on the state of markets etc. Who knows, if I get any readers, either of my thoughts may influence those who initially read for one. So I may get someone interested in Trading learn the best way to do a snare drum roll, or which UK number one was the first to feature all electronic instruments…Conversely, my musical followers may learn how they can start creating their own pension fund, or benefit financially from the next market crash!

Anyway, let’s see how this thing rolls, I am on holidays at the moment, well from teaching anyway, so it feels like holidays, so hopefully will have some spare time to keep things moving. If you can, do let me know which bit of content you enjoy and I’ll try to do more of it. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself though….