Onto round two…

Ok, so we’re gonna start with Trading as this is my current buzz and certainly from those who know me, the biggest surprise! Up until this point, only a handful of people know I do this (not even my mum!) not because I think it is a bad thing but I wanted to get some experience behind me first, so I could prove I know what I’m doing, and fend off the “Oh you’ll lose your shirt doing that!” comments and “What are you thinking of? It’s so risky!” Well I know more about risks now than these people and still own all my own shirts.

Over the years I have had loads of “get rich quick” opportunities drop through my letterbox, and some I simply file in the bin but some I read through to see if there is anything in it. During my financially free youth, I did buy into some of these, having always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but nothing serious ever came of them.

In fact, I dug out an old booklet  I had purchased on “Futures Trading” some time in the 90’s recently. Looking through it now, it still made sense, more so to me now, but it was so difficult to get started then. I had to phone people up, deposit at least £2,000, read the FT (actually that was easy as my Dad worked for them and got it free!) make graphs etc etc it just all seemed so complicated so that booklet was put on the shelf.

Then in December 2013 I received quite a long “advertising” booklet which explained a lot more about this sort of thing and something called “Spread Betting” which I had never heard of. It seemed fascinating, explained you could limit risk and start with little capital, and of course even offered the “money back guarantee if not completely satisfied” deal.

It did also promise that I would soon be sitting on a sun drenched beach somewhere (with Wi-Fi obviously) tapping occasionally on a laptop and raking in thousands per week.

That bit wasn’t really accurate….

But it did get me excited.

Very excited.

I ordered this, which was a substantial 150+ page Home Study Course complete with DVD. Just after it arrived, I went away examining music somewhere, can’t remember – Bristol maybe – and in my spare time in the hotel, watched and read all my new material. I was fascinated. Here was an opportunity I had not realised existed. I was presented with a concept which could raise very large amounts of money, in a very short time. Wow.

I’m going to cut a longer story short now and merely say that I did make some money, and lost it, and made it, and lost it, which pretty much went on all year. I had, again, not been fully realising how this was all supposed to work, despite my “course” having been written by a very well-regarded veteran trader with much experience of trading and teaching. But over time, I began to see opportunities arising and ended my first year having doubled my money!

Now this was not that much financially, but as this kind of trading goes, this was very good. To get over 30% puts you in the top 1% of traders so 90-100% is pretty good going.

So I started 2015 pretty positively, and indeed learned and made a lot more. I did however get a bit tied up in the big crash that happened at the end of August, but learned a lot from this and made it all up again by November!

I still keep on learning and feel now that I am trading ast my best so far. During 2015, I was so fascinated by it all, I wanted to tell everyone else how this could be done as no-one I knew (to my knowledge) AT ALL was involved in this.

So I started putting my thoughts down on paper, well, iPad, and ended up compiling a sort of Beginner’s Guide to trading. As of August 2016 it is still going through a few tweaks but it is available online and I am very proud of it.

I believe it is better that my original course as I made mistakes along the way and found out things I had not discovered on the course myself, perhaps the hard way. And mine is a lot cheaper….

I will of course always be learning this vast subject, but I am now much better equipped to deal with various scenarios and much more confident that I actually DO know what I’m doing rather than just thinking I do.

I’m not going to explain all the ins and outs of this subject here, I have a guide for that, but for those that already trade, have read my guide, or just have a vague interest in the subject, I hope to add some insights and perhaps value here also.

Promise I’ll do music next.

Love as ever,

Chris K


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